Stop Global Geoengineering is building a global movement to expose and end Geoengineering.


Stop Global Geoengineering is a non-profit initiative that works to end dangerous global atmospheric manipulation, broadly known as Geoengineering.  Stop Global Geoengineering has a three-tiered approach consisting of research, education & action to end Geoengineering world-wide.

  • RESEARCH:  Stop Global Geoengineering spends time in the area of research; working to build and adding to a body of knowledge about Geoengineering.
  • EDUCATION:  As a critical matter of public health and safety, we at S.G.G. will inform the public both locally and globally of the dangers and subsequent ill health effects associated with Geoengineering utilizing methods such as public relations.
  • ACTION: Stop Global Geoengineering seeks to lead the public to actionable steps they can take to end geoengineering.
  • COLLABORATION:  Facilitating international collaboration between different groups with similar goals to foster an atmosphere of coalition.
  • INTERNATIONAL BAN:  Dissemination and promotion of an international ban on global geoengineering.