Stop Global Geoengineering

Stop Global Geoengineering (SGG) is a non-profit initiative to educate the public on problems created by human activities, broadly known as “geoengineering,” that are modifying the atmosphere and impacting the planet’s ecosystem in ways detrimental to living things and undermining the sustainability of our earth.

Stop Global Geoengineering aims to halt all harmful activities that undermine the sustainability of our planet’s ecosystems. Our further goal is to serve as a collegial consortium for international collaboration among many organizations working to ban this harmful and irresponsible practice by government and corporate entities.  It is our intention to build consensus and present a strong unified front to improve and safeguard the welfare of the planet.

Background: For more than 15 years, observers around the world have witnessed massive global pollution of the atmosphere through aerosol activity. This phenomenon is popularly known as  “chemtrails,” a term used in HR2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001, introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. There is no formal acceptance of this terminology in the scientific community. However, this damaging activity is real and well documented.

These actions, well-known to governmental agencies worldwide despite their protests to the contrary, are being done at a massive level on a frequent basis.  These destructive polluting activities have gone on without any democratic discussion, without being reported in the media, and without the approval of the people who are being affected. The harmful and foreign materials introduced into the atmosphere impact the earth’s water and soil, undermining the health and vitality of all plants, animals, and humans.

Independent investigators believe that the aerosol spraying program works in conjunction with powerful antenna arrays such as the HAARP facility (High Active Auroral Research Program) in Gakona, Alaska, which uses electromagnetic waves (EMFs) to manipulate the jet stream and weather patterns with particular effectiveness due to the increased electrical conductivity created. These atmospheric manipulation activities also contribute to global climate change witnessed in the extreme weather noted around the globe.

SGG has grown out of a working group of health freedom leaders participating in the US Health Freedom Congress in 2014 and 2015. The movement to stop harmful geoengineering practices has been growing and gaining visibility as health freedom leaders and health professionals are recognizing their concerns about chemicals, metals and EMF exposures. There is also concern about the rise of “emerging diseases”; there is good cause to believe that these are associated with increased contamination of the atmosphere, as well as the escalating incidence of infection worldwide, all of which are being driven by these covert activities to a significant degree. Geoengineering has therefore become an important health freedom issue alongside others, such as the freedom to access natural health care options and the right to refuse vaccinations or pharmaceutical drugs.

Geoengineering, is a violation of basic freedoms, including the right to life and health, and the right to exercise informed consent. Democratic governments ideally act transparently, serve the interests of their citizens, and protect the environment. By all appearances the geoengineering programs violate these tenets. People have a right to be informed of the short- and long-term consequences of these activities and their effects upon the planet.

SGG is calling for a global ban on all geoengineering activities to be supported by individuals, organizations and governments worldwide. Our ban was unanimously approved by the 2015 National Health Freedom Congress held in Minneapolis-St. Paul, a consortium of more than 25 health freedom organizations. We plan to work with health freedom oriented individuals and groups, and people of good will, to encourage millions of people around the world to join this effort to stop the degradation of the earth’s ecosystems and the erosion of health of all mankind.

We welcome your support in working with us on this vitally important matter. Please begin today by affirming our ban shown in the pdf on this page, and by circulating it to all people you know who are interested in this life critical issue.

If you are in a position to support the SGG initiative, which will include major educational outreach efforts to disclose what is known about geoengineering and its consequences, and possible litigation, please let us know by emailing us at

Yours in the stewardship of our Earth,

The steering committee for SGG

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